What is OpenExam?

OpenExam is an association of language teachers working together to provide an online bank of practice examinations which can be set or assigned, completed and assessed online, using the latest electronic devices. It offers foreign language teachers and students a range of listening, reading, writing and speaking exams in the style of many well-known public exam formats. Using the latest online technology, it greatly facilitates the recording and grading of practical skills, as well as reducing time spent on repetitive corrections and assessment.

Who is it for?

OpenExam is mainly aimed at teachers of foreign languages, preparing students for public exams such as AP/IB/GCSE/iGCSE/A Levels/Pre-U/Matric/SSCE. For them, OpenExam provides a rigorous but time-saving way to give their students exam practice, whilst avoiding excessive photocopying and repetitive marking. For those students who would prefer to record their oral presentations in their own time, they can do so, using video if appropriate, with their teachers assessing the performance at their convenience.

What resources and services does it offer?

OpenExam is producing a constantly increasing bank of public exam-style resources, for language teachers and learners. Offering practice in the four language skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and using the latest question styles, its exam resources are accessible to students equipped with most of today’s internet-enabled devices and are also compatible with Schoolshape's language lab software. Additionally the service offers automatic marking (e.g. of comprehension questions), and a versatile and exportable markbook to help performance tracking.

How does it work?

OpenExam operates entirely on the Internet. To set an exam, the teachers select from a menu, adapt it as required and assign it to their student group. The students complete the practice exam on an online device, such as computer, laptop or iPad. Once submitted, the task is either marked automatically or passed to the teachers for marking. The results are then returned to the students. The teachers track progress in their personal online markbook.

Who is involved?

The OpenExam Foundation is a teacher-led, non-profit, charitable association of schools, colleges and universities dedicated to the provision of quality online practice examinations. Technical support is provided by Schoolshape.

Should I be involved?

At this early stage in its development, OpenExam is looking to establish a consortium of contributing partners before going on to offer its resources more widely – on a self-supporting, non-profit basis. These “Foundation Schools” will be able to contribute to the organisation’s development and assist in the production of resources. They will also benefit in return from unlimited free access to the library of practice examinations. If your institution is a potential OpenExam Foundation School, please click on the following link to register 'expression of interest': I would like to express my school’s interest in OpenExam