1. to encourage and extend the teaching and learning of modern, foreign and endangered languages, thereby promoting international relations and mutual understanding between cultures. 
2. to facilitate the acquisition of foreign languages by providing teachers and students with opportunities for practice and collaboration on exam-style resources. 
3. to provide a mechanism for formative assessment and internationally recognisable records of achievement.


To provide a useful library of freely available foreign languages examination practice examination materials with:

  • collaborative tools to encourage collaboration
  • secure availability anywhere 
  • regular updating to the latest question styles
  • clearly defined assessment levels
  • conversion of qualifications such as AP/IB/GCSE/iGCSE/A Levels/Pre-U/Matric/SSCE
  • automatic correction (except for speaking and ‘free form’ answers)
  • performance tracking for formative assessment
  • integration of speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • video assessment as required for practical skills
  • emphasis on flexibility, accessibility, adaptability and accuracy of assessment